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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: It's the 24th July Down Under


Poster: King_of_Glass
S - I do believe the Bible codes are legit. If the codes found by Codesearcher Matthew are real (which I do believe as I stated), this world is in a whole lot of trouble upcoming in 2015. The 7-year tribulation is soon to be upon us according to the codes. The fall of the United States (revealed by the codes as "Mystery Babylon") is also coming soon - next year per the codes. However, the good news for the believer is that the Rapture is also upcoming and very soon as found in the codes. It's extremely bad news for those who do not believe in Jesus as their Messiah. They will face the horrors of the tribulation. Anyway, to each his/her own in whether or not one believes in its legitimacy. Lastly, I think the 4 Blood Moons (which started on April 15 of this year and ends on September 25, 2015 and astonishingly falls on Jewish Feast Days) is a sign from God that Isreal will be involved in war. Just look at what is happening now with Isreal and Hamas. Isreal will come out victorious. God has His protection over that country. I can't help but wonder what DanP would have thought about the codes and the 4 Blood Moons.

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