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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: It's the 24th July Down Under


Poster: shasta
Afternoon KoG. O.K. I watched the whole first video. I have many thoughts: 1. This is an intellectual attempt to understand what's in the Bible. I want to know where the Holy Spirit is, Who's supposed to give us the understanding? 2. He criticizes rabbis and he criticizes mystics. The former because they only look at the 1st five books of the OT. The latter because it just ain't his cup of tea. In other words, he doesn't understand! 3. What is this term "ELS" that he keeps talking about? 4. The only languages he mentions are English and Hebrew - as for there being codes. If this theory is valid, codes can be found in ALL linguistic translations of the Bible. Furthermore, are there people doing this kind of research in other languages and finding the exact same codes? 5. He shows part of his "files" or whatever, on his computer. From what I saw, he only uses the KJV and the Greek NT. As fine of a translation as the KJV is, it was written hundreds of years before the Dead Sea Scrolls were uncovered, which have aided modern translators in their work. He's limiting himself if he's only using KJV. 6. Interesting comment, "God has hidden things FROM the enemy." What he means by this is that the enemy is too dumb to figure out the codes. Again, as if all it takes is intellect to understand the mysteries of God. I disagree. The enemy doesn't have access to the H. Spirit, and He's the one Who gives the understanding. 7. He says he somewhat "interprets" Scripture. Dangerous. 8. He states the world is evil. My immediate question is: Did God make an evil world? The answer is NO. The world is NOT evil, but evil IS at work IN the world. Big difference. Qualifiers: I'm a mathematical idiot! His terminology and the significance thereof, are way over my half-brain. So, because it's over my head, do I immediately say this is from the wrong camp? Nope. I simply say I don't understand. Do I want to understand these codes? Nope. Gotta say it outright! I think the dude would call me an idiot "mystic" because my concern is knowing God and hearing from Him. I can do that through reading Scripture and I can do that by making myself available to be spoken to!!! Spiritual Meet 'n Greet! I have a friend who called herself the following, and I figure it's a good description of Ellen: "I'm a born-again, Spirit-filled, on-fire-for-Jesus, fundamental Christian." What a mouthful, but it pretty well covers it. This guy would classify himself as "born-again, fundamental Christian." He's leaving out at least 1/2 of the equation. That and the fact that his terminology is over my head, make me disinterested. And, there you have it! Ain' cha glad ya asked??? TeeHee. Now I wanna know what YOU think, KoG! And, yes, I second your question to Godot and I'll add on Rhufe - others???

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